You can’t grow your business without…

I’ve often heard Canadian Business Coach, Donald Cooper say, “You can’t grow your business without growing you people”. So true. Here he illustrates this with two deceptively simple yet powerful examples:

“A Biz Coaching client said to me recently, when explaining why he didn’t delegate to his team, “I can do it myself in less time than it would take to explain it to someone else…and if I do it, it will be done the way I want it.”   But the simple truth is that you can’t grow your business, or your life, without growing your people.

“Ironically, the reason that this business owner asked for my help was that his business had ‘stalled’ with no sales growth, high staff turnover and declining profitability over the past few years.  He was also tired of working 60-hour weeks.”

To read the rest of Donald Cooper’s great examples click on You can’t grow your business without growing your people.

You'll also get access to download a great free tool from Donald on “How to delegate, get more done and grow your people…without losing control.”

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