Why I’m not loyal to my health food store

Twice a month, every month without fail, my local health food store texts me and tells me I’m an idiot!

How offensive is that?

Here’s their actual words from the texts at the beginning of each month:

Super Tuesday Tomorrow so come on in and enjoy 21% OFF store wide excluding food, items already on special and some practitioner brands.”

and in the middle of the month…

“Super Saturday Tomorrow so come on in and enjoy 21% OFF excluding food, items already on special and some practitioner brands.”

What customer type am I? I’m a time poor, purpose shopper who buys specific products from the local health food store at the times I can fit going there into my busy schedule.

Yet, regularly they remind me that I’m a mug for paying full price. They tell me, I could get the same products 21% cheaper if I were to plan my shopping and buy WHEN IT SUITS THEM!

There is nothing customer focussed about this, is there?

So what will happen? They will wither and they will die, blaming high rents and unfair competition from the supermarkets. If only they had put their customers first.

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