Why focus on the customer experience? – Part Two

In a recent post I shared some statistics supplied by Lucy Knight of insight6 in the UK in response to the question ‘Why focus on the customer experience?’

It’s made me even more aware of the number of business people struggling with themselves on whether they can afford to put time into identifying and consistently meeting customer expectations. And the many others looking for research and case studies to win over a business partner, boss or management committee about the importance of their organisation investing in the customer experience.

Here’s a customer service statistic that should stop the doubters in their tracks:

47% of customers say they’ll stop buying from a company if they have a subpar experience. The same study reveals that 76% of customers now say it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere and they’re doing so in increasing numbers.

According to another recent study, 91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will leave without complaining. This process of ‘quiet abandonment’ is costing many businesses heaps of money every single day.

Click on 40 Customer Service Statistics to Move Your Business Forward to identify more statistics, and the sources of the research, that may help.

Remember though, that a story, an example that illustrates your point will make any statistics you use seem more real. That’s why we keep sharing ideas, anecdotes and examples in this blog and in the monthly Terrific Tips enewsletter.

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