What message do your signs give?

It’s always fascinating to view the world through the customer’s eyes and become aware of how businesses makes us feel.

When visiting an attraction, venue, restaurant or store notice the part that the signage plays in your experience.

For example, I couldn’t help but smile as my eyes were drawn to the customer friendly sign in the accompanying photo as I entered Dawsons garden centre in Forrestfield, Western Australia. The feeling would be very different if the sign said, ‘Dogs must be on a lead’.

If your business welcomes customers onto the premises it is likely that you will have signage advising people what not to do and what they should do. Take a fresh look at your signage. If any of the signs are negative ask your team for ideas on how to make the signage more customer friendly. Involving the team makes it a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

We regularly work with clients to review their signage and wherever possible put it in a more positive light. It’s something I have spoken about in previous blog posts including this short article titled, Are your signs agitating, helping or confusing your customers?

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