What do you know about ALDI?

I’ve never understood the success of ALDI, having checked out their stores over the years when visiting the UK and more recently in Australia, I just shake my head in disbelief.

I do have two items, that I am thankful of that I specifically went into Aldi to buy.

The first is an owl to scare off the beautiful little birds that seem to gather on the wing mirror of my car admiring themselves while they crap down the door panel. The under $10 owl has successfully scared most of them away. Then there is the fold-up unit I keep in the back of my car for storing shopping and other items.

Anyway, back to the secretive organisation that is ALDI. Albrecht Discounts was started in Essen, Germany by Anna Albrecht in 1913. The name was shortened to ALDI in 1962.

ALDI’s business approach is focused on the long term and is based on three core values – consistency, simplicity and responsibility.

The family are notoriously secretive. However, this may change. Cacilie Albrecht, 92 year old matriarch of half of the enormous Aldi Shopping Market fortune – with an estimated net worth of more than $55 billion – died recently. She left a Will that makes some fairly scathing accusations about one of her five children and some of her grandchildren, as this article by Morgan Solomon explains.

It seems that her daughter Babette didn’t follow the path of simplicity, responsibility or of privacy.

Cacilie Albrecht’s Will cuts Babette and her children out on the grounds that they have a lavish lifestyle and wild spending. This has resulted in a public dispute that may give the curious amongst us a lot more information about ALDI.

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