What can you do in 2019?

I love this example from Donald Cooper:

“It always amazes me that whenever I rush into my dry cleaners to pick up my clothes, they’re right there at the front of the motorized rack”.

“As I approach the counter, Mr. Chen, reaches for my cleaning and says, “Good afternoon Mr. Cooper. Your cleaning is right here at the front.”  I’m always at the front…I love it!

“He never asks for my little ticket (which I’ve often lost anyway) and I never have to wait while he searches for my stuff.  It saves me time and somehow I feel special!  How does he do it?  He makes a point of observing and memorizing what car his regular customers drive and as soon as he sees them pull into the parking lot he rotates the rack so that their clothes are at the front in order to, as he put it, “Create a small blessing in people’s busy day!” 

“Whether your business is large or small, whether what you sell is expensive or not, your customers want to feel special. Learn from Mr. Chen…learn to recognize them, know them and honour them with small blessings!

“Just returning phone calls or answering emails quickly will make people feel special. When we don’t share our customers’ sense of urgency, we dishonour them.”

Read Donald Cooper’s full article by clicking on What can you do to make your customers feel special in 2019?

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