Weighing up the cost of (not) training

We all know training is important but rarely do busy bosses with tight budgets prioritise it as a Quadrant One activity – ‘urgent and important’. If you aren’t familiar with that term take a moment to read the recent post on ‘Time Management Tips’.

Training, a Quadrant Two activity, tends to get put to the side when other pressing problems present themselves. If this seems to be constantly happening in your organisation, how do you decide whether you can afford to make training a priority? I was discussing this recently with a group of business owners and asked them to replace the question, ‘How do you decide whether you can afford to make training a priority’ with these five questions:

  • In terms of making progress, where are you now?
  • Where is your business headed if you don’t change anything?
  • Where had you planned to be by now?
  • What will you need to do differently in order to get there?
  • What are the measures along the way that will help you assess your progress?

In answering these questions 8 out of the 9 businesses present found training and improved communication to be essential to them making progress in their business.

The cost of not training is often far higher than the cost of training.

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