How to use case studies as discussion points with your team

Here are five simple steps on how to use a short case study as an awareness raising tool with your team. I've used the recent Instead of Advertising and Lessons from a Café posts to explain this.

  1. Circulate the articles to your team – one at a time, both would be overload. Start with the Instead of Advertising article.
  2. Let your team know you would like their thoughts on the advice offered to restaurant owners and on what application this may have for your business. Tell them this will be allocated 15 minutes at your next fortnightly/monthly meeting or training session – You do have regular meetings with your team, don’t you?
  3. Prior to the meeting have a quiet chat with a couple of your team. Ask them what they plan to say about this case study at the meeting. Notice I said, ‘ask’. Don’t tell them what you think they should say. These brief conversations will help ensure that you have a couple of people prepared to give input.
  4. At the meeting, recirculate the case study, ask for input on what restaurant owners should do and ask questions to stimulate discussion.
  5. Next, ask what the implications are for your business. Listen, ask clarifying questions and ensure you have arranged for someone to take notes.

Use this as an awareness raising exercise for your team and a learning exercise for yourself. You learn how your team think and you learn what can be improved.

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