Unhealthy Marketing

Twice a month I get hurt and offended by a text from my local health shop.

They tell me that I’m an idiot for shopping with them whenever there is something that I need from their vitamins and health food range and I’m a mug for paying full price at their store. Instead apparently, I should only shop with them on the first Tuesday and third Saturday of each month.

Well, that’s not quite how they word it. Here’s what a typical text says:

“21% OFF Super Tuesday tomorrow at …”


“21% OFF Super Saturday…”

For a time-poor person like myself who prefers to shop when I need something and it’s convenient for me to pop in, each time I shop with them I feel resentful. Why?

Because I know that if I’d organised to go on the first Tuesday or third Saturday of the month I’d be paying 21% less.

Why do they have this stupid approach? Why do they punish shoppers who come throughout the month?

Because that’s what their competitors do and they claim they would lose too much business if they didn’t use an equally inane approach. No doubt they can point to the huge turnover they make on these two days each month but at what cost in terms of lost margins? And in lost customers during the other 28 days each month?

Is it surprising that many health food stores are struggling in spite of the growing interest in health and healthy eating?

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