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My colleague Jan Collins works with our clients on eliminating time wasters, being clear about what to focus on and what not to focus on in their businesses and in developing effective time management habits.

In doing so, she shares with them one of Stephen Covey’s time management tools. This involves separating activities into four quadrants.

Quadrant One activities are ‘Urgent and Important’. For example, crises, pressing problems, deadline driven projects.

Quadrant Two are ‘Non-Urgent but Important’ such as prevention, relationship building developing new opportunities and planning.

Quadrant Three activities are ‘Urgent but Not Important’. This includes interruptions, some phone calls, some meetings and pressing matters and other people’s priorities.

Quadrant Four are Non-Urgent and Not Important. For example busy work, some mail and emails, some phone calls, work that could effectively be delegated and of course, social media distractions.

Quadrant Two is about effective self-management, about taking control of your life. The more you prioritise this, the less bushfires you will have to deal with.

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