The difference visibility makes

It was Tom Peters, co-author of ‘In Search of Excellence’ who back in 1984 first introduced me to MBWA – Management By Walking Around.

It seemed so obvious yet over the years I’ve noticed the difference it’s made to customers and team members when it is practised. How managers spend their time has a huge effect on the culture of any organisation.

And today it’s just as important, as you can read in these observations from Michelle Gibbings of an amazing leader in action at Sydney airport.

“Recently, I was at Virgin’s airport lounge in Sydney waiting to catch a plane back to Melbourne, and at the same time Richard Branson was in the lounge saying hello to guests and chatting with staff.

“Apparently, he does that every time he is in town. No doubt he’s busy, but he finds the time to do it because he knows that taking the time for people matters.

“It also has direct business benefits because it makes the employees feel good about working at Virgin, and it makes the customers feel appreciated and therefore pleased that they chose to fly Virgin.

“It’s an easy thing to do…” and yet it is so often overlooked.

You can read Michelle Gibbings’ article by clicking on Common Sense Leadership. My thanks to Keith Ready for sharing this.

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