Terrific Services for Your Business

If your objective is to design and deliver a positive customer experience on a consistent basis with a motivated, energised team, we can help accelerate your progress.

Our aim is to assist you in getting a better result through implementing a customer focussed approach. To achieve this we offer a range of practical training, coaching and consulting services and conference presentations on:

  • Understanding and influencing how your customers judge you
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Service Excellence
  • Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Motivation and Attitude
  • Selling skills - We particularly specialise in 'Selling for Non-Salespeople' i.e. people who see their role as helping customers and find the whole idea of selling distasteful
  • Retail skills including merchandising and display and customer service
  • How to turn your customers into ambassadors

Everything we do is tailored to suit the needs of individual clients. Our training sessions are participative and energising.

If we don’t have a solution for you we will endeavour to put you in touch with someone who does.

Course Length
We present sessions from 45 minutes in length to 12-month programs.

We rarely conduct one-off training sessions. The exception to this is group seminars and conference presentations.

We find it most effective to conduct a series of workshops for clients on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to help bring about sustained improvement.

Who do we work with?
Most of our clients are SMEs or organisations engaging us to work with their SME clients and members.

We are best known for our work with retail, tourism and service related businesses particularly in regional areas.

However, we also regularly work with industrial organisations and those in professional, technical, trade and medical services. This is particularly in the areas of understanding and influencing how customers judge you and selling for non-salespeople.

Where do we work?
Most of our work is in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom particularly in regional centres. This is because we know and can relate well to the small business culture in these countries and have successfully conducted a number of projects related to the revitalisation of small towns and communities.

To contact us to discuss whether we may be able to assist:

Click on Contact Us or phone +61 8 9312 1075+61 8 9312 1075.