Conference Organisers

If you are like most people accessing this page, organising a conference, seminar or training workshop is likely to be an added task over and above your normal role rather than something you do on a regular basis. If that’s the case then hopefully the tips included below will help you achieve a successful outcome. First, some info on us at Terrific Trading:


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Tips for promoting seminars

Some managers are seasoned campaigners when it comes to promoting workshops and seminars. They have an established track record that has prospective participants thinking “Well, I got a lot out of the last one I attended and they always put on practical stuff with good quality presenters.” For others, putting on such events is an infrequent part of their role so the challenges are greater and the need for a thorough approach to gaining support and involvement is essential.

Here are some pointers to consider when putting on workshops and seminars for your members, distributors, franchisees or clients....

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Tips on how to manage a successful seminar or workshop

Here you will find close to 50 tips to help you to manage your event successfully. These tips cover –

  • Two months before the event
  • On receipt of registration forms
  • One week before of the event
  • On the day
  • Room Settings
  • Catering

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