Testimonials from Terrific Clients

Great events relevant content
I must congratulate you guys on the great work you have done, not just for the BECNT (which is greatly appreciated) but for all the small businesses and the owners/operators you have touched and subsequently enhanced. The program has been great and mostly because of you and your staff.

It has been a pleasure to work with you guys and have you, in our business, delivering these great events with such relevant content.
Tony Eggington, Business Enterprise Centre NT

Increase retail sales
On behalf of Visitor Centres WA, thank you for presenting and facilitating to the Visitor Centres sessions at the State Tourism Conference.  Your presentation as always, was very helpful to Visitor Centres.  During recent visits to Visitor Centres, many commented on how you and Jan had helped to increase their retail sales by re-organising their displays. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Pat Strahan, Visitor Centres WA

The response has been outstanding
Thank you so much for your workshop. The response has been outstanding. There is a real buzz going through the retail area - the sales and admin. We are very happy, Jurek. We really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to future workshops with you.
Mark Salomone, Tiles Expo

The biggest bonus
The Terrific Tourism program has been great for my business.  The workshops are great, but the biggest bonus is getting the Customer Experience Report that is part of the program. It’s more like a roadmap that lays out a pathway to follow. This makes it easy because the hard work is done.

We’ve been able to follow this step by step and used the independent in-depth report to help justify two successful grant applications that between them amounted to over $90,000. We’d have struggled to get these Grants without the Customer Experience Report.
Rex Neindorf, Alice Springs Reptile Centre

A real motivator
Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Museums Australia State Conference, Jurek… I knew your presentation would be well received but my goodness the delegates just loved it! It seems your presentation was a real motivator for all of them to make changes in a positive way. They could see how quite easily they could take what they had learnt and implement it back at the coal face.

Click on Museums WA to read more.
Peta McAuliffe, Professional Development Coordinator, Museums Australia Western Australia

Informative and entertaining
Thank you so much for such an informative and entertaining presentation this morning, Jurek. We had some really positive feedback after the event. Would love to have you along again in future. Many thanks!
Annie Belcastro, Western Suburbs Business Association

Money Well Spent
Thank you Jan for your merchandising advice and assistance with training for our team. Money well spent and plenty of food for thought I assure you. Stuart Ord, General Manager, Tourism Central Australia

Please don't stop!
I must admit Jurek - when your Terrific Tips lobs into my in box I stop whatever it is that I am doing and read it straight away. I am continually flicking your emails onto friends, family and colleagues as there is always something relevant in them (usually just for how we should go about living our lives, let alone doing the right thing by our clients). Please don't stop!  Petrese Ivey, Financial Adviser 

Professional and Flexible
Terrific Trading have been a great facilitator to assist our customer service efforts both internally and externally. Jurek has been both professional and flexible. Our staff were totally engrossed with all sessions and the hands on workshops brought forth great ideas for implementation. I would not hesitate to recommend Terrific Trading.
Lelio Gaudieri, Chief Executive Officer, WA Salt Group

Spellbound with her knowledge and delivery
Last Thursday we held the first of our Supertown Workshops which was focused on Retailing and Merchandising. Jan Collins from Terrific Trading presented the workshop and I just want to tell you it was brilliant, she had the attendee's spellbound with her knowledge and delivery.Michael Jose, Small Business Centre Wheatbelt West.

Valuing Visitors
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. The Wheatbelt Development Commission (WDC) is most pleased with the Valuing Visitors workshops you presented in the region, Jurek.  We don't believe we could have chosen a better presenter!  Particularly as your involvement with the communities goes far beyond the presentation itself. Thank you. The WDC and the people you met along the way were delighted with your enthusiasm and inspiration.
Kylie Whitehead, Research and Project Officer - Tourism Wheatbelt Development Commission, Western Australia

Highly entertaining and thought provoking
Thank you for conducting the ‘Taking the Chance out of How Your Customers Judge You’ presentation with such a high level of professionalism.
The session you presented was outstanding. I was impressed that you were able to fully engage the group with great enthusiasm on the fundamental importance of having control and an understanding of customer relations in a highly entertaining and thought provoking way. In addition, you have provided a large number of practical tools for the members to use which I know were well received.
The feedback that I received from the group was all very positive and everyone had strong action items to take back into their respective businesses… I know that you have had a significant positive impact upon a number of people in the way they are dealing with some very challenging business issues. I am deeply grateful for your practical guided discovery to enable them to help themselves.
John Beech, Chair TEC45

Terrific Trading ‘Tune Ups’
Working with Terrific Trading has taught us the importance to work as a team and have a common focus. We have become much more aware of ourselves and our business and how we look from a customer point of view. We focus on improving this image all the time. It will always be a work in progress and that is why we enjoy regular Terrific Trading ‘tune ups’.
Jurek, I think we have come a long way since last year and some of the credit most certainly goes to you and Jan. Thank you, Terrific Trading Team!
Anja Cherian, Manager, Gravity Discovery Centre

Profits Doubled
Last year Jan helped us redesign our gift shop and explain the importance of merchandising. Our shop has gone from strength to strength with profits doubling. It is now a part of our business we are proud of and care for.
Anja Cherian, Manager, Gravity Discovery Centre

Many beneficial points
Thanks again for your valuable input yesterday.  In my opinion we had one of the best annual team meetings in our eight years and your involvement definitely helped make this happen.  I know the team all got different and many beneficial points from your presentation and I found that Sam and I benefitted a lot by our contact again."
Kier Forsyth, Franchisee, Mr Rental Rockingham 

Your Sales coaching works!
Just a quick note to let you know your excellent coaching on client follow up worked very well! Despite me thinking the client had lost interest, you encouraged me to keep contacting him...he may just be busy. And I’ve stopped saying “please call me” and now say “I’ll call you on...”
After 2 emails and 5 phone calls – he called me to say “he’d been meaning to call, he’d like to book some work”. And now the deal is done!
Thank you – I would never have called back after phone call two – your coaching has changed my confidence to follow up.
Cherelle Witney, Lift Performance Solutions

Life Changing Workshops
They were amazing workshops yesterday. (Building and Keeping a Happy Productive Team and Looking After Yourself so that you can look after your Customers Effectively).  They really helped to put some things into perspective, especially about thinking about my communication with people on an emotional level instead of on a purely intellectual level.  Thank you once again for such a great experience yesterday, it feels like it was the key to many things.  Jan Collins - You're a Gem!
Raelene Clark, Muscle Focus, Muscular Pain Management Clinic

They stopped me in the street
Just a quick note of thanks for all your effort yesterday, from my point of view the 'How to WOW your customers and turn them into ambassadors' workshop was a very worthwhile morning.  In fact I have already had four people stop me in the street this morning to comment on how good they thought it was.  Please send me a list of all your workshops as I would like to get more planned for the coming year.
Mike Jose, Small Business Centre Wheatbelt West 

Our success is due to...
I still hang out to receive your newsletter. Everything stops when it comes in until I have read the works and all the links. I would like to say a big 'Thank You'. I have based nearly everything in this business from what I have learned from Jurek and Jan and our success is certainly due to you both.
Glenys Russell, Manager Kojonup Visitor Centre and Kodja Place 

It’s made such a difference
After attending the ‘Dealing with Difficult People and Situations’ course I have improved so much. Before (as a manager) when I was called to the front I’d get that ‘fight or flight’ response and I’m a person whose natural response is to fight. Even though I was being polite customers would pick up on it. Now, my heart doesn’t even skip a beat and everything goes fine. Thank you, it’s made such a difference.
Heather, Better Pets and Gardens, Midland

The excitement and commitment of the staff has been fantastic
We all loved having you (Jan Collins) here in Kalgoorlie at the Visitor Centre - the excitement and commitment of the staff has been fantastic - and the results of the changes we are implementing are clearly visible - not only in the figures but also the overall feel of the Visitor Centre.
You will be glad to hear that we have upgraded all of the lighting at the Visitor Centre to the tri-phosphorous globes and replaced all 12 broken halogen globes - you just about need sunglasses to enter the shop - it is GREAT!
We have taken the first steps to organise the installation of an extra point of sale and the staff are very proactive when promoting the stock in the shop - YIPPEE!!!!
We are thrilled with both the workshops and the consultation Jan - THANKYOU!
Danielle Robertson, Manager, Kalgoorlie Goldfields Visitor Centre 

Improved significantly
We required a training program for our front line staff that would outline basic techniques and principles that could be used to add value to the member experience and improve sales results. Jurek created a sales training program based on superior member service whilst emphasising the importance to understand members’ needs and help them achieve their financial goals by providing comprehensive information on our products and services and by selling our products and services based on the needs identified.
Before creating the training program Jurek not only discussed the training needs with management, but also spent some time in branches to gain understanding of the current service delivery and the areas requiring improvement. As a result, the training program was well received amongst the staff and within a few months the cross selling and closing the sale efforts improved significantly.
Since then, Jurek has been coaching our Regional Managers to maintain and enhance techniques learnt during the ‘adding value to the member experience’ training.
Tuija Wasstrom, Member Portfolio Manager, United Credit Union