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Jurek's Blog - latest entries

  • Customer Tips for Coffee Shops
    Back in 2012 I prepared two e-booklets, ‘Customer Tips for Coffee Shops Volumes One and Two’, each with 21 tips. These booklets have now been refreshed and many of the links with access to information and industry experts have been updated. Here are the links to these FREE updated versions: Customer Tips for Coffee Shops Vol 1 e-book March 2019 Continue…
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  • Have you ever asked yourself?
    In this blog I like to share meaningful research and expert advice that has application to your business and your life. Here’s a question that has been a conundrum for me. Why is printer ink so incredibly expensive? I turned to an engineer and humourist (who would have thought those two words could appear in the same sentence?), Don McMillan, Continue…
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  • Dancing with the school principal
    How to influence and persuade others is important in many aspects of life and it’s something we regularly explore in this blog. Here is a wonderful example of doing things differently and engaging with and inspiring others to achieve a far better result. A school Principal in Shanxi, China wanted his students to exercise more and spend less of their Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • What do you know about ALDI?
    I’ve never understood the success of ALDI, having checked out their stores over the years when visiting the UK and more recently in Australia, I just shake my head in disbelief. I do have two items, that I am thankful of that I specifically went into Aldi to buy. The first is an owl to scare off the beautiful little Continue…
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  • Big brands losing the battle with big retailers
    Here’s a link to a fascinating article by UK based international retail consultant Alan Treadgold on why established big name brands such as Kraft and Heinz are struggling. Many moons ago, when I first knew Alan, he was Director of the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash University. His observations are always worth noting.
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  • Australian Retailing under the microscope
    It’s always interesting to see ourselves as others see us, so I read with interest UK Home Improvement and Gardening commentator Steve Collinge’s recent review of DIY and related retailing in Australia. The full article is well worth a read. Click on Disruption just around the corner. Below you will find a few facts and takes from this. “Bunnings has Continue…
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