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  • Smartphones ruin dinner
    Bri Williams reports that a study by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that smartphones and restaurants don’t mix. No surprise, you might think – it’s annoying to dine with someone who is constantly playing with their phone. But where this research was different was it looked at the impact on the phone user rather than their dining Continue…
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  • Australia’s longest shortcut
    Check out the accompanying photo for a sign with a difference. I took the photo of this billboard from the front of the Great Beyond Visitor Centre in Laverton 360 kms north east of Kalgoorlie. It shows Australia’s longest shortcut through the red centre of the country, over 2,700 kms of mostly gravel road. Although it is graded and maintained Continue…
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  • The Canoe Race
    You can’t beat a good story with a meaningful lesson to it – that’s a parable. Here’s one about the annual canoe race between Toyota and General Motors shared by my good mate Winston Marsh. The lessons are clear but it’s the additional message at the end that really took me by surprise. Click on annual canoe race and see Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • If you don’t stand for something…
    Be brave and take a gutsy and courageous stand to differentiate your business. In a recent post, Donald Cooper inspires and challenges you to do just that. Over to Donald: My father used to say, “If you don’t stand for something…you’ll fall for anything!”  What do you ‘stand for’ that could differentiate your business, make powerful connections with your target Continue…
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  • The psychology behind supermarket layouts
    Research has found a link between the layout of grocery stores and casinos and the impact of their design on our behaviour. Click on this 1 minute 40 second video clip from a Channel 9 Australia report earlier this year. Visual courtesy of Shutterstock
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  • What is the price of arrogance?
    Wesfarmers can give you an exact figure. Rounded off it is apparently close to $2 billion Aussie dollars. That’s how much it has reportedly cost them to get out of the struggling Homebase home improvement business they bought in the UK just over two years ago. The Guardian newspaper reports that Homebase has been sold to the restructuring specialist Hilco, Continue…
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