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  • The way you present information matters
    Which would you find more frightening: undergoing a major surgical procedure that has a 95 per cent survival rate or one that causes death in one out of 20 patients? If you are like most people, you would find the latter statistic far more worrisome, even though mathematically the two statements are the same. The difference is that numbers imply Continue…
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  • Make it easy for the customer
    On a recent trip to Sydney with my wife Gwen, we stayed in an apartment off Hyde Park. Pleasant surroundings, convenient location, comfortable room but… an unnecesarily frustrating experience each time we used the lift. They had a key tag system that you had to swipe sideways next to the lift buttons. On the first trip with our luggage we Continue…
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  • Oh, the places you’ll go
    The first time I was clobbered with cancer, eleven years ago, a friend who had also been through cancer treatment gave me what I thought was a strange present. It was the Dr Seuss book, Oh, the places you’ll go. She probably noticed my puzzlement and assured me that she’d taken a fair bit of comfort and a great deal Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • Presenting and demonstrating your products
    Here are three examples on how to present and demonstrate your products and one illustrating how not to do so. These are taken from our, ‘Retail Selling: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Training Programme’. They are from a module in Volume 2 on ‘Developing Confidence in Your Products’. Get your customers involved If it’s an item of clothing let the customer touch Continue…
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  • How to respond to “Is This All You’ve Got?”
    “Is that all you’ve got?” is a question that can take the wind out the sales of many service providers and salespeople and seem offensive to others, particularly proud business owners. Frontline salespeople will often answer with “Yes” followed by silence or make some weak statement about having more at their other outlet on the outskirts of Timbuktu, which is Continue…
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  • The first piece of cake
    I was discussing with a café owner the importance of ensuring that one slice is always removed before his staff place a cake in the display cabinet. He was aware of the difference this makes to orders of cake slices but hadn’t shared this tip with most of his staff. This isn’t something that can be assumed. It should be Continue…
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