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  • Getting Attention – Read the Sign
    If you can get people to pause and give you their attention then you and your business have more chance of being noticed and frequented. That’s what this regularly changed A-Frame signboard does for the Nook Neighbourhood Cafe in Stockport, England with the wording: “Something witty and thought provoking. That’s what the boss asked me to write.”
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  • A lesson for my granddaughter
    Earlier this year one of my granddaughters who is in Year 7 at school, was talking about a boy in her year that she said was a bit weird and was teased by some of her class mates. It turns out that he is far smaller than the other children, a midget, and has trouble fitting in. I’ve explained to Continue…
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  • Travel is educational but…
    I wrote in an earlier post that Travel is Educational and explained about the green tree frog peeking out of the loo in my room in Kununurra and the unusually large gecko lizards scuttling around the bathroom ceiling when I put the light on at night. That’s got nothing on what Jan might experience in Meekatharra this month. An email Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • Are Your Competitors Discounting?
    Have you ever felt forced into discounting because your competitors have started a price war? Maybe there’s another way.  Consider this wonderful example from Jeff Slutsky from his book, 'Streetfighter Marketing'. It’s an old one so I’ve adjusted the prices to suit. It’s about a men’s hairdressing salon.  This men’s hairdressers had a good reputation, good quality and provided $29 Continue…
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  • Capitalising on cruise ships
    Planning and managing the customer experience is essential to the success of any event for individual organisations, for communities and also for towns and regions. As the saying goes, it isn’t easy to read the label from inside the jar. In the same way, it can be equally challenging to see the world through the eyes of the first time Continue…
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  • How misplaced merchandising damages your profitability
    The CEO of The Reject Shop in Australia was reported recently as saying that their failure to execute an effective merchandising strategy contributed to a 28% drop in net profit for 2017. In commenting on this in Smart Company, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Deakin University, Paul Harrison made some valid points that I often hear my colleague Continue…
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