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  • Tactics to help customers remember why they chose you
    In his groundbreaking book ‘Influence Science and Practice’ Dr Robert Cialdini outlines his 6 principles of persuasion.  One of these is ‘Consistency’. He quotes some great examples including where a university’s research team surveyed residents of a suburb on community issues.  One of the questions was to ask them what they would say if approached by the American Cancer Society Continue…
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  • Best video case studies
    I recently made a wonderful discovery. I’d received an email enquiry asking me to recommend any useful resources for local campaigns – particularly video based – to get business people and the community working together in small towns. My answer was Tom O’Toole’s Beechworth Bakery video case studies. Tom is always commenting that he has to get people to Beechworth Continue…
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  • Award Winning Support
    Recently my colleague Jan Collins was involved in a two week intensive assignment in Alice Springs and Darwin working with retail and tourism operators and conducting a merchandising audit of each of their businesses. This included the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre run by Tourism Central Australia (TCA). The primary focus of visitor centres is providing information and promoting their Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • Be Noticed, Remembered, Trusted and Preferred
    Your objective in business is to be noticed, remembered, trusted and preferred. This is a message I first heard from Donald Cooper when interviewing him well over 20 years ago. And it’s a great one that hasn’t in any way lost its impact with the passage of time. A recent article from Donald focusses on the third of these steps. Continue…
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  • Unhealthy Marketing
    Twice a month I get hurt and offended by a text from my local health shop. They tell me that I’m an idiot for shopping with them whenever there is something that I need from their vitamins and health food range and I’m a mug for paying full price at their store. Instead apparently, I should only shop with them Continue…
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  • Be a Director of Next Impressions
    Here’s a quiz question for you. Question: Out of the many visual stimuli in your retail store, the product packaging, the displays, the layout, the signage, what will customers spend most time looking at and what (mostly subconsciously) will make the most impression on them in your store? Answer: You and your colleagues. Our eyes are naturally drawn to check Continue…
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