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  • Managing by Disapproval
    In a recent post titled The Difference Visibility Makes I mentioned MBWA – Management by Walking Around, a common sense yet rarely practised skill… particularly by managers in larger organisations. This month let’s put the spotlight on a practice that is far too prevalent in many organisations, even the smallest ones, MBD – Managing by Disapproval. Here’s how ‘Restaurant Doctor’ Continue…
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  • A truly superb sign
    Effective visuals can cut through so much to reach us in a way that coherent arguments rarely achieve. This does it so well; a quite superb response following the Christchurch atrocity.
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  • The difference between word of mouth and social media reviews
    There is a belief in some corners of the business world that social media is word-of-mouth, or that social media has replaced word-of-mouth as the driver of consumer awareness and preference. It isn’t. And it hasn’t. Social media is a critical component of the overall word-of-mouth equation. In fact, offline and online conversations are almost exactly equal in size, according Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • Australian Retailing under the microscope
    It’s always interesting to see ourselves as others see us, so I read with interest UK Home Improvement and Gardening commentator Steve Collinge’s recent review of DIY and related retailing in Australia. The full article is well worth a read. Click on Disruption just around the corner. Below you will find a few facts and takes from this. “Bunnings has Continue…
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  • Spelling out the Benefits Part 7: Painting word pictures
    Buying is an emotional experience. Once you have gathered the information about your customer’s needs and why they want to buy you’re ready for the next step.  This is where you paint a word picture for your customers that enables them to see themselves using it, or wearing it, showing it to friends, hearing their complimentary remarks and feeling great. Continue…
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  • Spelling out the Benefits Part Six: Comparing two products
    Every product has certain features and benefits.  In helping customers come to a decision your job is to point out the appropriate benefits of the products they are considering. A word of warning here – Never run down one product or price to promote another. Instead point out the extra value of the alternative.  Don’t say “This is better value Continue…
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