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  • Stop interrupting yourself!
    Here’s a Terrific Time Management Tip from Gihan Perera: “If your phone rings, dings, or vibrates for every e-mail, text message, social media post or app notification, that’s your own fault. Most apps turn on notifications by default, so take back control and turn off these notifications.”
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  • Stacking tables and mopping floors
    I saw it again last week. It happens so often that for some cafes it is seen as the norm. What am I referring to? Coffee shops that start stacking tables and mopping floors at least 20 minutes before closing time while customers sit close by. Now remember, these customers haven’t just paid for the coffee and an accompanying treat, Continue…
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  • Making your communication personal
    As a recent post quoting copywriting maestro Drayton Bird demonstrates, in a world where people feel more and more as if they're 'just another number', it pays to get personal with your customers with ‘Me to You’ communication. Research shows that one of the biggest turn-offs for customers is seeing information, products, services, deals etc that aren't relevant to their Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • 9 Ways to compete in a tough retail market
    Keith Ready shared a rather good article from Inside Retail on LinkedIn. It explores how some retailers are still growing and showing strong returns in difficult retail conditions. This begs the question: what are they doing and why are they not feeling the pinch? Whilst there is not one ‘silver bullet’, this article identifies 9 ways to compete in a Continue…
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  • Advertising is like buying a draught horse
    Menswear retailer Barry Souter has been in the retailing business long enough to have learned a thing or three about advertising, about what works and what doesn’t. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, a wonderful city that has faced huge challenges in recent years, his MY Menswear store, like the people he serves, has remained resilient and retained its sense of Continue…
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  • 9 Tricks Zara uses to give you a burning desire to buy their clothes
    Zara is one of the best-known and most successful fashion retailers in the world. Since opening their first store in Spain in 1975, they have grown to become an enormous, over 2,000-store chain, with a presence in 96 countries. I came across this fascinating article about the company titled 9 Tricks Zara uses to give you a burning desire to Continue…
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