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  • Lifetime Value of a Customer
    In any workplace one of the conversations you should be having regularly with your team is about the lifetime value of a customer and what this means to your business. What do we mean by the lifetime value of a customer? Here’s a simple example. Let’s say, for easy maths, customers of your local supermarket have an average weekly family Continue…
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  • IKEAs move into book selling
    As you know Amazon has done an amazing job of capturing a huge percentage of the book market (and more) but, as you will see from the accompanying visual, IKEA could be about to disrupt their progress.
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  • 4 Simple tips to motivate and manage your people
    “If it wasn’t for all the hassles with staff the job would be easy!” …. Ever caught yourself saying that or even thinking it? If so, you are not alone.  It is something I hear from managers all the time. So what are the tools you need to discover (or re-discover) to help you manage and motivate your team .… Continue…
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Terrific Retail Insights - latest entries

  • 9 Tricks Zara uses to give you a burning desire to buy their clothes
    Zara is one of the best-known and most successful fashion retailers in the world. Since opening their first store in Spain in 1975, they have grown to become an enormous, over 2,000-store chain, with a presence in 96 countries. I came across this fascinating article about the company titled 9 Tricks Zara uses to give you a burning desire to Continue…
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  • The psychology of price
    Expecting customers to make decisions based on rational thinking often results in lost opportunities and lost sales for all sorts of businesses. Let’s take a business we can all relate to, a retail store trying to entice customers to buy slow moving stock. Imagine you are this retailer and you ask your staff to prepare the price tickets for your Continue…
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  • Why I’m not loyal to my health food store
    Twice a month, every month without fail, my local health food store texts me and tells me I’m an idiot! How offensive is that? Here’s their actual words from the texts at the beginning of each month: “Super Tuesday Tomorrow so come on in and enjoy 21% OFF store wide excluding food, items already on special and some practitioner brands.” and in the middle Continue…
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