Terrific Video

To see and hear what Jurek Leon and Jan Collins look and sound like, access some of the video clips below.

The most powerful way to influence others
People learn by observing and replicating the behaviour of their boss and the most experienced staff members. As Jurek Leon explains this can have unintended consequences.

When it comes to customer service discipline is a good thing as Jurek Leon explains in this 2-minute video clip.

Critical Non-Essentials
Our customers tend to judge us on the seemingly insignificant things in our business. Dentist Paddi Lund calls these the critical non-essentials as Jurek Leon explains.

No stupid questions
How are customers talked about internally in your organisation? Jurek Leon shares some examples in this 3-minute 40 second video clip.

Getting to the Heart of Your Customers
Jurek Leon explains what he regards as the heart of customer service at a luncheon for the Swan Women in Business Networking Group. View this 4-minute video clip below.

Mobile Phone Manners

Jurek has received media exposure across Australia on the topic of what to do about people who talk loudly on their mobile (cell) phones. Here you can view the TV clip from Perth’s Channel 7 Today Tonight program.

Customer Service – Function, Purpose and Intention

Jurek discusses the difference between your function, purpose and intention in this 3-minute segment from a customer service workshop.

Fresh Ideas
Jurek giving some onsite advice to the owners of Bindoon Bakery as seen on Channel 9’s ‘Business Success’ program.

Service Excellence

Footage featuring both Jan Collins and Jurek Leon filmed by the ABCs Stateline program for a 7 minute segment on ‘Service Excellence’.

An Amazing Health Story
Jan’s health story from pain to total relief without medication was featured on ABC TVs national science program, Catalyst. The astonishing reaction to it, including 2,000 plus hits at this website in just a few days is a demonstration of the reaction to Jan’s story. You can also check out Jan’s Blog for more information.

Moments of Truth

In this 4-minute segment from a customer service workshop Jurek explains the importance of Moments of Truth and mapping your customer touchpoints.