Teetotalled in a Coffee Shop

Receiving the recent Special Mailing with complimentary copies of the ‘Customer Tips for Coffee Shop’ booklets prompted Nerida Hart from Walk Darwin to share this recent experience.

“John and I called into a well-known cafe chain and placed our orders - he ordered Earl Grey and it was English Breakfast for me. Order taken, we sat down and a few moments later a waitress comes over to apologise as they had run out of English Breakfast tea.

"Would I like something else?"  I ask what other teas they have and she kindly rattled them off. Nothing took my liking so I declined.

"Would I like a cup of coffee?"  No thanks, one a day is enough, and I’d already had that!

"Would I like anything else, perhaps a milkshake?"  No thanks, I really had my heart set on a tea.”

The staff member couldn’t oblige. Instead a refund was given.

Nerida goes on to say, “This sounds innocuous until you realise:

  1. The cafe chain uses Dilmah teas and
  2. What the view was from where we were sitting. 

Cafe next to ColesWhilst she waited for her husband's tea to arrive, Nerida had time to take the accompanying photograph of the supermarket next door and plot how she was going to communicate her disappointment and let the stupidity of the situation be known.

The moral of the story? Nerida explains this well:

“Empower staff to use their initiative and purchase a small quantity of product until the order can be filled.  

“Even though this was a franchise, which has particular products and purchase pathways for the franchisee, there's always an opportunity to put the customer first.

“Imagine if a staff member had just popped over to Coles and bought 50 Dilmah English Breakfast tea bags for around $3 to $5?”

So true, Nerida. Thanks for sharing.

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