Spelling out the Benefits Part 7: Painting word pictures

Buying is an emotional experience.

Once you have gathered the information about your customer’s needs and why they want to buy you’re ready for the next step.  This is where you paint a word picture for your customers that enables them to see themselves using it, or wearing it, showing it to friends, hearing their complimentary remarks and feeling great.

Your words should evoke as many of the customer’s senses as possible.  That way they will experience in their mind the pleasure of owning the product that you are showing them.  This is truly translating the features of the product into meaningful benefits for your customer.  For example, depending on the information you have gathered from your customer you might say:

“I can just picture you seated around this new outdoor setting by your pool; talking to your friends, sipping champagne under the protection of your shade umbrella.  What a wonderful way to spend the summer.”


"With this outdoor setting, you’ll be able to sit in comfort with friends and family under the protection of your shade umbrella while the children are still supervised in the pool.  What a wonderful way to spend the summer.”

Here’s another example of painting a word picture.

At a recent training session, one of the participants asked the manager of a cycling shop, “What’s an e-bike?”

The explanation given was a little too technical for the enquirer who was having trouble grasping the difference between an e-bike and a motor bike. Another participants then said, “It’s like swimming with flippers on.”

Straight away the person who had asked the question understood. She could picture this and was now aware that as with flippers in the water, you control your speed with your feet just like on a regular bike.

That’s the benefit of painting word pictures. Your customer’s mind is not so much a camera as a paintbrush and you are the artist. Ensure that you paint the experience in vibrant colours for your customer.

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