Slow down, you’ll go faster

This article was written by Bill Marvin for restaurant operators. It’s a theme you will recognise from recent posts. Picture some of the restaurants you know and think about the application of Bill’s advice. I’m sure you will find it to be a useful exercise. Over to Bill Marvin:

Mid-February onwards is when many restaurant owners finally sit down to chart the course of their businesses for the next year. They take on new projects, develop the marketing calendar, plan events and generally load up their 2018 To-Do lists.

This is all well and good, but while you're determining what you WILL do, it is equally important to agree on what you WON'T do, even though you could.

This includes ideas that look appealing on the surface but have less revenue potential than other, less sexy things you might do. It includes those "problem child" aspects of the business that aren't what you'd like them to be but aren't doing any real harm either.

What not to do includes activities that aren't directly related to accomplishing your goals or worthwhile projects that will just take too much time away from what is really important to you, like working on your restaurant, spending time with the family, playing golf ... or having a life!

It's difficult for a compulsive entrepreneur to pass up a money-making opportunity or for a perfectionist to let something or someone under-perform ... but you must pick your battles. You will always be money ahead by taking on fewer projects and actually seeing them through than by adding more balls to the juggle and either getting nothing done or doing it poorly.

Your key objective has to be to maintain control ... of your time, your life, your workload, your money, your sanity and your health. If you heap too much on your plate, you wind up losing balance ... and balance is the prize that makes all other prizes possible.

Superman and Superwoman don't live here anymore. Slow down. You'll go faster.

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Source: Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor

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