Are your signs agitating, confusing or helping your customers?

Cluttered signageJustin Morris from Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park writes, “Hi Jurek, I had you in mind when I took some photos of a Pub I was in recently. I remember reading one of your articles about negative signs. You will notice in the photo of the signs at the front door and of the bar that signs are plastered everywhere.”

After sitting down at the near empty dining room, he noticed even more signs and says, “To be honest I became quite agitated about them. I couldn’t help but think that no wonder everyone else was down at the local surf club if this is their attitude.”

Justin goes on to say, “As a result of your article about negative signs and some comments on our surveys from customers staying in our cabins, it was suggested we had too many policy and procedure signs. After completing an audit of our signs we realised there was a double up because we changed our booking confirmation emails to include the terms and conditions and policy etc. (due to consumer law). We also had the policies on the park map and some do not signs in the cabin. Therefore there was no need for the signs and as a result we haven’t received the comments since.”

The BountyGreat observations. Are your signs customer friendly, are they necessary, can you replace ‘Do Not’ signs with positive wording?

As Justin has done for his business, conduct an audit of your signage. And compare the above photo with the one on the left from Buckinghamshire, England included in the Terrific Tips November 2015 newsletter.

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