52 Terrific Tips for Christmas Workbook – ebook


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The '52 Terrific Tips for Christmas Workbook' is jam packed with ideas, examples and exercises to help you and your team make this Christmas the best ever for your business. Topics covered include motivation, preparing the team, spectacular service, promotion, display and special Christmas selling techniques.

My first job in retail was as a professional Father Christmas for a group of retail stores…at the age of 17.

On leaving school, I’d come out to Australia with my parents on holiday from Scotland and decided to stay for a couple of years to work and study. It was getting close to Christmas and I needed some money to pay the rent. It was also the beginning of summer.

Five small stores in a shopping strip in the Perth suburb of Midland had banded together to hire a Father Christmas but hadn’t had much luck in attracting a retired pensioner, their preferred candidate. The physical nature of the job wasn’t appealing to the candidates. You see, they were expecting ‘Father Christmas’ to march up and down the pavement in his Santa Suit carrying two bags, one filled with balloons with the names of the stores printed on them and the other with lollies. This would be in the heat of summer. No seat to sit on, no air-conditioning, and six hours a day on your feet.

The idea was that children would see Father Christmas and be keen to know what he had for them in his sacks; and then parents might be attracted to go into the stores. There was a chemist, a jewellers, a bike shop, a toyshop and one other that I can’t recall.

I was young, fit and ready to give it a go, so the retailers gave me a go. A couple of years later I studied child psychology but I learnt more about child psychology, and parent psychology, that week than I ever learned through formal study.

These days it’s a passion of mine to help retailers make the most of Christmas. Not just from a gross profit and sales perspective but also making sure it is an enjoyable, entertaining, uplifting experience for customers and the people serving them.

This booklet brings together many of the ideas gleaned from retailers who have attended our “How To Make This Christmas Your Best Ever” seminars in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It covers seven key areas:

  • Motivation
  • Management
  • Training
  • Spectacular Service
  • Promotion
  • Display and Atmosphere
  • Special Selling Tips

It includes worksheets to help you and your team focus on these areas and come up with specific steps to enable you to make this the best ever Christmas for your business.

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