52 Terrific Retail Tips – ebook


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52 ready-to-use articles for newsletters, magazines, team meetings and in-store coaching sessions all written in Jurek Leon’s practical, easy to read style. Enhanced with 16 illustrations by cartoonist Don Binks, creator of Terry the Terrific Tiger, you will discover a host of ideas and examples to help you –

Recharge your batteries
Motivate your team
See your business through your customer’s eyes
Keep your customers coming back for more
Deal superbly with difficult people
Sell more to your customers more often and have them love you for it
Market and promote in ways that make you stand out from the crowd

Best of all, you will be able to use the coaching check list contained in this book to adapt and apply the ideas and examples into profit producing practices for your business.

This is a not a book to read. It is an easy to use business tool. Reading and applying just one article per week could dramatically inspire your team, improve your profits and build your own determination to make a difference in everything you do.

This is the sister publication to ‘52 Terrific Tips Guaranteed To Improve your Selling and Service’. Both books include 27 of the same tips. So, we don’t recommend that you download both. Instead select the book that best suits your situation.

If you have a shop front or showroom then ‘52 Terrific Retail Tips’ will suit you best. If you are involved in professional services, manufacturing, wholesaling or in administrative services then select ‘52 Terrific Tips Guaranteed To Improve your Selling and Service’.

This is now available free of charge as an ebook.

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