Terrific Telephone Techniques Coaches Pack – ebook


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Without your involvement, ‘Terrific Telephone Techniques - the ultimate guide to excellent service over the phone’ will be no more than an interesting book. You can change that.

With your positive interest and commitment for follow-up discussions, this can become a resource; a simple yet effective tool that enables you to have your organisation stand out for its professionalism over the phone.

It won’t take much of your time. But it will require a little planning on your part, or on the part of the person you appoint as coach. You need to set aside short uninterrupted blocks of time for one-on-one or group discussions relating to each of the exercises as well as the personal objectives of each of your team members.

The following pages are extracted from the book to make it easier for you to prepare for each individual or group discussion and to print out copies for each member of your team.

Of course, for this to work effectively you must also be a good role model.

If you treat the phone as an interruption, so will your team. If you say, “Tell him I’m not in” when someone calls, then don’t expect your staff to make the phone a priority. The behaviour you model will be critical to the result that you get. Do pay particular attention to the points made on pages 39 and 40 in your copy of the book (you have invested in a reference copy for yourself, haven’t you?). And remember to show a bit of empathy for the people on your frontline.

Thanks for supporting your team and ensuring that your organisation stands out for it’s terrific service over the telephone. Their role is a challenging one.