Customer Tips for Coffee Shops Volume One – ebook


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My purpose in writing this e-book is to make it easier for coffee shop owners and their staff to give customers like you and me the type of experience we long for.

I love frequenting coffee shops. I have many good experiences in coffee shops. I enjoy the ambience. Often though there is something lacking in the way things are done.

That set me thinking: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these coffee shop owners regularly asked their patrons, people like you and me, what they could do to make the experience better for us their paying customers, their word of mouth marketers, their financial future?

By that I don’t mean having on the counter one of those little ‘tick the box’ feedback forms, I mean actually asking, “How could we make the experience better for you?”

This book is for people who enjoy frequenting coffee shops and appreciate a consistently pleasant experience.

It’s also for coffee shop owners who want to stand out from the crowd and turn their customers into walking, talking, clicking and tweeting ambassadors for their business.

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