52 Terrific Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Selling and Service – ebook


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Ready-to-use articles for newsletters, magazines, team meetings and in-house coaching sessions. Topics covered include attitude and motivation, customer service, dealing with difficult people, marketing and promotion and sales tips all written in Jurek Leon’s practical, easy to read style.

Enhanced with 16 illustrations by cartoonist Don Binks, creator of Terry the Terrific Tiger, you can select the topic of your choice and pick an article as your theme for the day or the week.

If you like to circulate weekly tips to your staff, or use short case studies and articles as discussion topics to liven up team meetings, then this 116 page book will give you a years supply; or four years worth of articles for a monthly newsletter to employees, distributors or clients.

This is the sister publication to ‘52 Terrific Retail Tips’. Both books include 27 of the same tips. So, we don’t recommend that you download both. Instead select the book that best suits your situation.

If you have a shop front or showroom then ‘52 Terrific Retail Tips’ will suit you best. If you are involved in professional services, manufacturing, wholesaling or in administrative services then select this book.

This book is now available free of charge as an e-book.

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