Sharpening your selling skills is unselfish behaviour

Many people in customer facing roles on the phone, in person and via email, find the whole idea of selling distasteful. Selling is associated with being pushy, in it for yourself rather than the customer. The opposite of professional, service oriented behaviour.

Yet selling effectively requires an unselfish, customer focussed approach. Why?

Because to sell effectively you first have to put yourself in the shoes of other people, your prospective customers. And this means taking the time to see things from their point of view.

To be successful, contrary to popular opinion, a salesperson needs to focus on these prospective customers as people understanding their needs, wants, fears and the past experiences that influence their thinking. Not focus on what he or she hopes to get out of each interaction.

Salespeople who are focussed on themselves or purely on their products and services rarely last long. They fail to get positive word-of-mouth, fail to get repeat business and they are avoided by smart customers.

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