Selling to Crazy-Busy Customers

Jill Konrath’s Business-to-Business (B2B) sales book, ‘SNAP Selling: Speed up sales and win more business with today’s frazzled customers’ is a valuable resource and guidebook to help you win sales from crazy-busy clients. Many of the points this American author makes fit with the advice we give to our clients in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. For example:

“It would be easy to give up on frazzled customers. But if you did, you’d be making a big mistake. Remember, they’re good people who are simply overwhelmed. They need help. They long for more time. They want better relationships. They’re also striving to be successful.”

As we struggle to get and keep their attention she gets us to look at what we are proposing from the client’s point of view including:

• How simple is it?
• Will it take lots of time and effort?
• Does this person/company (that’s you) provide value?
• Is this aligned with what we’re trying to accomplish?
• How big a priority is it?
• What’s the urgency?

She cautions, “There are only so many things your prospects can handle in their busy schedules. They have to stay focused on those areas they feel will have the maximum impact, ones where the effort expended will give them the best returns... Your primary competitor is any other use of your customers’ valuable time – upcoming meetings, project deadlines, fires they’re fighting and they’re entire to-do list.”

The author explains that prospects make three distinct decisions before signing up with you, your competitor or doing nothing at all.

1. They evaluate your approach to determine if it is worth their time to meet with you.
2. They determine if making the change will be worth all the disruption it will cause.
3. They weigh up which is the best option.

While we might hope that each prospect will turn into a customer, there are many things that can derail, defer or dry up even the best opportunities at any stage of your prospects decision making process. This is especially true when you are dealing with people who already have far too much to do.

That’s what makes this book a valuable tool in giving you some guidance and a framework that will help you to get a better return from the time you invest in winning and keeping crazy-busy customers.

Jurek Leon is a storyteller, trainer and coach who presents courses and addresses seminars on word of mouth marketing, motivation, customer focussed selling and managing the customer experience. Subscribe to Jurek's FREE monthly ‘Terrific Tips’ e-newsletter at Alternatively, email

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Jurek Leon is a storyteller, speaker and trainer. Subscribe to Jurek's FREE monthly 'Terrific Tips' e-newsletter at Alternatively, email