Reduce customer anxiety to win more sales

Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing put it well when he said, “Too many people think that selling is about talking people into buying things, as if you can wear people down with an avalanche of words.”

You can’t.

You can continually be putting out messages about how you’re the best, offer great quality, provide fabulous service, offer great prices. However, it’s all for nothing if your potential buyers have any doubts.

Doubt creates hesitation. Hesitation holds back sales.

The answer? You have to reduce the perceived risk people feel so there is no reason to hesitate.

And that’s the key — risk reduction through a strong, believable guarantee. For example, at Terrific Trading our guarantee is:

“If at any time you feel we have not fulfilled our part of the bargain or in some way failed to meet your expectations, you have my guarantee that we will redo the work you are not pleased with at no charge or if you prefer refund the fees involved.”

This is particularly important if you are selling a service, as we do at Terrific Trading, or if you are selling online.

As Perry Marshall explains, “Remember that if you’re selling online, people can’t experience the thing you’re selling before they part with their money. They can’t see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, or smell it. So there’s always a level of uncertainty and risk. A guarantee helps you lower the feeling of risk by answering questions such as “Is it all you say it is? What if it isn’t? Can I return it if I want to? Is there a catch?”

With a guarantee, prospective customers feel confident that they won’t be stuck with their purchase. And the very act of offering a strong guarantee lets buyers know you really do believe your product or service is worth the asking price.

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