Putting the fun back into selling

While in a client’s furniture store I noticed on display a deluxe reclining outdoor chair, well suited to the local climate.  It was priced at $1,299 and written underneath was, ‘Reduced due to minor damage.’ Then there was a thick red line through the price with $699 in large red writing on the ticket which was displayed in a perspex display stand.

This chair was displayed in a high traffic area right next to the most popular items in the store and yet it had been there for months with little interest shown in it and no success in selling this end of line item.

In talking with the owners I suggested replacing the existing ticket with a ‘$100 Off’ sign and beside it in large letters in the perspex display stand a sign saying:

Take a further $500 off if you can identify

the minor damage to this chair

I said to them, “It may not sell straight away, but it will be a great conversation starter; something that could arouse curiosity, create a sense of fun and lead to discussions that pave the way for further sales.”

To her credit the owner decided to give it a go.  That Saturday morning she set this up with the help of one of her sales team.  Well, it didn’t work as a conversation starter.  Her sales assistant sold the chair that afternoon and the couple who bought it also purchased quite a few other items. Everyone was happy!

What are the lessons from this?

  • Put the fun back into selling; do things differently from every other store and make shopping fun for your customers.
  • There is so much talk about retailing being theatre.  Well for heaven’s sake take some risks, create some excitement and put on a show for your customers.

The reward will be more $$$ in the till and some great word-of-mouth advertising for your business resulting in more customers coming more often to check out your store. Isn’t that what you want?


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