Phone calls that show customers you care

As mentioned in the ‘In retail, then pick up the phone’ blog post, people don’t like sales calls, so retailers working the phones are best doing so as a way of showing customers that they care.  This will be rewarded.  Certainly, the phone can be used to invite customers to special events, new season product launches, advance notice of sales before the public. That will make them feel special.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of stores slashing their margins and selling at 50% off – to the customer that’s now the norm.  There are very few stores taking the time and intentionally making the effort to make people feel special, that’s the exception!

Go on, dear retailer, get your team to work picking up the phone.  If need be, get some prepaid cards for their mobiles and they can slip out the back when the store is quiet and make some calls.

Ensure they keep a list of who they’ve called, how often they left a clear positive message versus actually spoke to people – be prepared, have a script ready and get them to practise first so their message sounds natural.  Also record the number of unanswered calls.  That way you can crunch the numbers and assess what effect it has on store traffic and sales.

Make the most of every moment.

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