Managing by Disapproval

In a recent post titled The Difference Visibility Makes I mentioned MBWA – Management by Walking Around, a common sense yet rarely practised skill… particularly by managers in larger organisations.

This month let’s put the spotlight on a practice that is far too prevalent in many organisations, even the smallest ones, MBD – Managing by Disapproval. Here’s how ‘Restaurant Doctor’ Bill Marvin describes it to restaurant owners:

“Notice how often you attempt to shape behaviour in others through your disapproval, however subtle.”

The first step in correcting this unfortunate habit, he says, is catching yourself doing it. When you do, own up to it – at least to yourself – and apologise.

Then make it a habit to look for and reward the behaviour you want rather than punish the behaviour you don’t want.

It makes sense to create an energised, fun-filled workplace rather than one with a decidedly unpleasant atmosphere.

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