Making your communication personal

As a recent post quoting copywriting maestro Drayton Bird demonstrates, in a world where people feel more and more as if they're 'just another number', it pays to get personal with your customers with ‘Me to You’ communication.

Research shows that one of the biggest turn-offs for customers is seeing information, products, services, deals etc that aren't relevant to their needs.

People don't have the time to waste with businesses that don't appear to understand, or care about, what they want.

Marketing personalisation comes in many forms. Some require more work than others, but they can all reap excellent returns. For example:

  • speaking to your audience in the second person ('you', 'we' instead of 'our customers', your business name)
  • using their name in emails and promotional materials
  • creating personalised content in marketing material, websites and the like

Some of the benefits of personalisation include:

  • attracting your customers’ attention, and holding it for longer
  • building stronger relationships with potential and existing customers
  • stimulating a response
  • more orders and more repeat business

And who doesn't want all of that?

Source: Adapted from an article in Snap Printing’s monthly newsletter.

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