When was your last service health check?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been through some major health challenges in recent months but I seem to have been in a number of discussions with blokes about the need to have a thorough health check… and stressed with them the importance of doing it NOW.

Too many males put this off until there is an emergency and sadly that can turn out to be too late or to result in irreparable damage.

Something similar can happen with busy business owners and managers both male and female when it comes to checking the relationship with their key customers (in B2B – Business to Business) and key customer types (in B2C – Business to Consumer).

It’s only when there is an emergency such as a key customer defecting to the opposition (B2B) or a major complaint (B2C) that priority is given to customer relationships and reviewing the customer experience. That’s usually when we get called in!

In B2B your customers are busy too and distracted with their own issues so they don’t want to be pestered with lengthy surveys. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t in certain moments asking themselves, “What have you done for me lately?”

And how will they answer? Maybe, they are feeling taken for granted. Maybe you do heaps of things for them behind the scenes but they aren’t aware of the extra care and attention you take. Whose fault is it that they don’t realise how good a job you do?

On a regular basis you need to step back and look at doing business with you through your customers’ eyes. It’s time to get your priorities right and schedule a customer experience check-up.

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