When did you last check your website?

I’m no website expert, but I do regularly check the websites of my clients when conducting a Customer Experience Audit of their businesses. Why?

Because that’s what at least 7 out of 10 of their prospective customers do and I need to assess each website from their customers’ point of view.

And when I say ‘prospective customers’, in a Business to Business (B2B) setting this could be a new manager in a key role with a long-term client. The thing is they will be viewing your business through fresh eyes and if they aren’t impressed with what they see they may look elsewhere.

What might create a poor first impression? Here are a few of the typical flaws:

  • Pages that take ages to load.
  • ‘News’ pages and blogs where the latest post is over two years old.
  • Links that don’t work.
  • Numerous typos which suggest that you don’t pay attention to detail in your business.
  • Information that isn’t listed under logical headings.
  • Sites without testimonials or guarantees.
  • Sites where it is hard to find opening hours for bricks and mortar businesses.
  • Sites where it is hard to find contact details so you can speak to a real person.

Do you have a regular check done of your website each week (on heavy traffic sites) or each month to ensure that your customers are seeing you in the best possible light?

If not, it’s time to put a performance standard in place.

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