Kathleen Buzzacott – A lesson in promoting art

Kathleen Buzzacott, a recent attendee at our Alice Springs workshops, is a renowned aboriginal artist with an ability to get talked about in a way that promotes her business and indigenous art.

In 2014 she established Kathleen Buzzacott Art Studio 18 kilometers from Alice Springs in Central Australia, and continues to operate with the assistance of her husband Keith and sons Kyle and Klinton.

In addition to painting Aboriginal desert artworks, Kathleen creates limited-edition jewellery, combining semi-precious stones with colourful native ininti seeds, which are rare and much sought after by desert women.

Kathleen’s profile received a valuable boost when a piece of her jewellery was selected for presentation to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge at Uluru during Kate’s 2014 royal visit with Prince William.

That’s not Kathleen’s only unusual claim to fame though. Visitors also love to photograph and talk about her awarded winning, artistically painted toilets.

Built in 2016, the loos were added for the convenience of tourists visiting Kathleen's studio.

International tourism award logo

Kathleen says, “The two doors took 4 days to paint. They are painted both sides so when you sit on the toilet you are can enjoy the art. Visitors sometimes don't come out of the loo for a while. When their friends say ‘are you alright in there?’ they answer ‘it's amazing in here’."

Of course, once she gets people to her studio through word of mouth about her specially selected gift created for Princess Kate or award winning toilets, they will also be attracted to her amazing artwork such as the seed and gem stone jewellery being modelled by her nieces in the photo below.

Buzzacott jewellery

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