Is technology improving the customer experience?

Businesses are missing the mark with their investment in technology to enhance the customer experience according to a survey of 5,000 consumers and 500 marketers across Northern Europe, USA and Australia.

More than 60 percent of consumers polled feel that businesses do not do a good job of using their personal preferences to predict their needs.

As a result, many consumers – 61 percent – feel that the brands that should know them, simply don’t – even lacking in the most basic areas of customer knowledge, such as purchase history and personal preferences.

An example of this occurred in our office earlier this week when Gwen, our Organisational Goddess, phoned up Telstra’s Small Business Support line with a query about our bill. As she was transferred and asked questions by one polite, friendly yet totally inadequate person after another I heard her say (louder each time!) “I’ve given you our account number, please get Terrific Trading’s details up on screen before you ask me any more questions.”

She was doing so because she was being asked unnecessary questions. The operator would have seen how many mobile phones, landlines etc should be appearing on our bill and what plan we were on, if they just got Terrific Trading’s history up on their screen.

The 16 page report emphasises that Telstra isn’t alone with this behaviour and there is a major disconnect between what businesses are spending on marketing technology and the experiences they’re delivering to customers like you and me.

Source: Customer Experience Trends Report 2019 by Acquia

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