How do you listen to your employees?

Do you use the time when you are ‘listening’ to your employees to formulate a response or work out how to correct their view?

Many managers, who are good at listening to customers and suppliers, are poor listeners to their staff – often cutting in before they finish and failing to take the time to understand what they are really saying.

When an employee says something that you didn’t expect or that doesn’t seem right to you, resist the temptation to jump in with your opinion. Instead ask,

“What makes you say that?”

Listen to what they say. Clarify and get an understanding of not just what they think but how they came to develop that point of view.

This is a powerful technique and an invaluable habit to develop. It makes these discussion sessions even more valuable for your business and for your relationship with your employees. And notice the difference this change in your behaviour makes to their performance on the job.

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