Getting a customer’s perspective – Part Two

In an earlier blog post about Getting a customer’s perspective of your business, Ian Sadler laid out the six reasons why insight6’s UK shoppers love certain retail brands. He has since shared the results of an independent survey of nearly 4,000 people about the customer service they’ve received from UK retailers, and discovered sharp differences between sectors. It makes for interesting reading.

Airlines, telecoms and energy providers came out worst overall.

While I wasn’t surprised to see First Direct coming out top, it was quite amazing to read that UK “Banks were the best sector for customer service in several areas: customers gave the category the best ratings for staff knowledge, attitude and helpfulness. As a sector, banks were second-most likely to make their customers feel valued, after opticians.”

Here in Australia, I just couldn’t imagine a result like that in my lifetime. Aussie banks are more likely to be described in the terms used for the UK’s worst provider of customer service – Ryanair.

“When presented with a choice of 50 words to describe it, most of Ryanair’s passengers opted for ‘greedy’, ‘sneaky’ and ‘arrogant’, with one going as far as to say: ‘Ryanair seems to make things deliberately difficult in order to make more money out of its customers.”

Now that sounds to me like a word perfect description of Australia’s big four banks!

Read more about the Which UK survey here.

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