Getting a customer’s perspective of your business

In this blog and in recent editions of the Terrific Tips newsletter, you’ll have noticed observations and comments from the team at UK based Customer Experience specialists, insight6 appearing almost as often as from regular contributors Winston Marsh (Australia), Donald Cooper (Canada) and Bill Marvin (USA). It goes to show that the lessons from focussing on the customer experience can be learned from all parts of the globe.

Here’s another cracker, this time from Ian Sadler at insight6, “Never get complacent… we must ask ourselves every day, what does our company represent? Why would a customer come back, again and again? What elements of our business can they rely on? Are we clear about our aims and objectives? Do we keep our promises? Are we delivering what we say we will?”

These customer focussed comments come at the summation of an article based on asking 250 of their experienced UK mystery shoppers to identify six instantly recognisable brands they love. The most mentioned companies were Amazon, Apple, EE (new to me), John Lewis, Waitrose and First Direct.

In the article which you can check out here, he lays out the six reasons why insight6’s shoppers love those brands in particular. No matter what type of business or profession you are involved in, you can benchmark yourself against these six factors. Take a look.

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