What is a customer experience audit?

A Customer Experience Audit provides a clear picture of your business from the customer’s point of view. Conducted by a customer service expert, the report and recommendations give you a sound basis for putting in place procedures and standards that ensure you are viewed in a positive light by present and prospective customers.

A Customer Experience Audit typically includes:

  • An onsite review of your main premises
  • A review of your written communications to assess the tone and ease of understanding
  • A review of your promotional materials online and in print for ease of understanding and customer focussed approach
  • Assessment of telephone performance standards in your organisation
  • A report outlining this assessment
  • Recommendations on how to close the gap between how you have been assessed and how you would like the experience to be for your customers.

A more in depth review can include:

  • An interview with a cross section of your staff (up to 5 people) to get a clear picture on how you expect to be judged by your customers.
  • From this interview process assess the attitude to and mechanisms for gathering and dealing with customer feedback.
  • Delve below the surface to assess the effectiveness of internal communication.
  • These are documented with an assessment made of any expectations that Terrific Trading feel may be detrimental to you achieving a positive experience for your customers.
  • Telephone interviews with 3 customers (selected following consultation with you) to assess their perceptions of dealing with your organisation. A brief report will be prepared from each interview.

What type of business will benefit most from an initial Customer Experience Audit?

  • Professional businesses such as accountants and engineering companies.
  • Medical services including specialists, doctors, vets, physiotherapists and also private and public hospitals.
  • Technical services including IT consultancies.
  • Trade services such as plumbers, electricians and air conditioning installers.
  • Wholesalers and distributors of products.
  • Industrial and building products companies with showrooms.
  • Tourism related businesses.

To discuss the suitability of this consultancy service for your business contact Terrific Trading.

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