The ‘Face Game’ that builds communication and understanding

Zappos the footwear and clothing internet retailer is famous for its customer service.

As CEO and co-founder Tony Hsieh explains in his book, Delivering Happiness – A path to profits, passion and purpose the customer service focus is shaped by their culture. This in turn is driven by their 10 core values.

One of these is ‘Build open and honest relationships with communications’. Here’s a wonderful example of this described by Tony Hsieh.

“In most companies, logging in to the computer systems requires a login and password. At Zappos, an additional step is required, a photo of a randomly selected employee is displayed, and the user is given a multiple-choice test to name that employee. Afterward, the profile and bio of that employee are shown, so that everyone can learn more about one another. Although there is no penalty for giving the wrong answer, we do keep a record of everyone’s score. Internally, we refer to this as the Face Game.”

I love the way they live their values. Tangible examples like this are way different from the meaningless plaque on the wall and on the website prevalent in so many companies.

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