Do you have the Christmas spirit?

If so, are you dishing it out to your staff and are they poring it out plentifully to your customers?

The reason this question is important is because we know that the 'science' of shopping is dwarfed by the 'emotion' of the buying experience.  Imagine being a customer out shopping for gifts, dreading the expenditure, the search and the crowds, only to be confronted by store staff who are bored or tired of the whole 'go wait on another customer' thing.  How likely is it that you would want to buy something in that store?

Yes, the whole Christmas spirit thing might seem a bit too warm and fuzzy, but the truth is that if you have plentiful supplies of it, you are more likely to be able to share it with those around you.

If you manage others, it is a wonderful gift to give them.  If you sell to customers, you can brighten their day and reduce their frazzle factor.  What a wonderful gift it is to make someone feel better about themselves when they choose to shop with your store!

Source: Inspired by a great piece from Canadian retail specialist Kevin Graff

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