Be a Director of Next Impressions

Here’s a quiz question for you.

Question: Out of the many visual stimuli in your retail store, the product packaging, the displays, the layout, the signage, what will customers spend most time looking at and what (mostly subconsciously) will make the most impression on them in your store?

Answer: You and your colleagues.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to check out other people when we walk into a room, a shop or a showroom.  Often without being aware of what we are doing, we are making an instantaneous assessment and then closely reevaluating this with each new staff member we see.

  • Are they angry, sad, happy?
  • Do they look friendly?
  • Is it safe to be here?
  • Do they appreciate us being here or are we an interruption to their day?

You are not only the Director of First Impressions on those occasions that you are the initial point of contact in your store. Many times each day you are also the Director of Next Impressions.  A customer may be being served by someone else but this person will notice how you are reacting to people, the mood you are in, your tone of voice, your facial expression.  And the sum total of these impressions will affect how they feel about shopping in your store.

Discuss with your colleagues how you can ensure that each impression is a positive one.  Your objective is not just to make people feel better about the purchases they have made; it is also to make them feel better about themselves for having chosen to shop with you.

When your intention is to make the customers day, it brightens up your store, brightens up your own day and gives you a clear point of difference from the many alternatives available to your customers.

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