Design a Good Life

Mario Calanna is a well-known Cairns pharmacist and founder of Calanna Wholehealth Pharmacy Group with 11 pharmacies in north and south-east Queensland employing more than 150 staff.

Mario Callanas book cover

Mario’s autobiography, ‘Design a Good Life’ outlines his personal philosophy and includes valuable advice on how to be the best version of yourself. For example:

“Ultimately we get in life what we tolerate:

  • If we tolerate disrespect, we will be disrespected.
  • If we tolerate anger, we will attract anger.
  • If we tolerate dishonesty, people will lie to us.
  • If we tolerate people being late and making us wait, people will show up late for us.”

Mario shares a quote from Jim Rohn that has clearly influenced his thinking – “Don’t want what you want, this will only create more want. Instead give what you want; that will ignite the process of creating what you want or need.”

Here is how Mario has integrated this into his life when addressing the question, ‘What do you want?’

  • More confidence? Then go and bolster the confidence of someone else.
  • More courage? Then encourage someone else to achieve what they want.
  • Greater hope? Then find a way of providing hope for someone else.
  • More money? Then give money to support someone or something else.
  • More belief? Then help to instil belief in someone else.
  • More love? Then give love and show love to others.
  • Do you want a friend? Then you need to be a friend.

Mario has built his business and his reputation by focusing on his people and his customers so that they can improve their health, their lifestyle and their mindset. In doing so, he has faced many professional and personal challenges but as he says, “Rarely is much achieved unless adversity in some form becomes part of the project one wishes to complete.”

He has clearly ‘walked the talk’ and in this book helps each of us realise that, “Every choice we make matters. And the choices we make today will influence our world tomorrow.”

Click here to order your copy of ‘Design a Good Life’. The price is $29.99AUD. Postage in Australia is $10.00.

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