Dancing with the school principal

How to influence and persuade others is important in many aspects of life and it’s something we regularly explore in this blog. Here is a wonderful example of doing things differently and engaging with and inspiring others to achieve a far better result.

A school Principal in Shanxi, China wanted his students to exercise more and spend less of their play time engaged in computer games. Each day the school set aside time for morning exercise with compulsory activities such as calisthenics. However, the children were often disinterested.

So, he secretly learned the shuffle dance and arranged for a professional shuffle dance group to perform for the 700 students at the school. He then asked them if they’d like to learn the shuffle dance and do this instead of calisthenics. This received a resounding ‘Yes!’ and the results are amazing with this video clip of them dancing going viral.

As the Principal says, “Interest is the best teacher”. He and his teaching staff also found that energy levels in class increased which benefitted their student’ studies.

What an inspired way to get children exercising. Certainly beats berating them for spending too much time online. I love it and so will you!

Here is a further video clip where the Principal explains how this came about.

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