“The Customer Experience Report is the biggest bonus”

It always fascinates me how the good operators are on a continuous path to improvement, and despite their extensive knowledge and skills are willing to learn from others. A classic example of this is renowned central Australian wildlife and tourism identity – and professional snake catcher – Rex Niendorf of Alice Springs Reptile Centre. He has been working with Jan and myself since first engaging in our Alice Springs Business Development program for tourism operators in 2013. Here’s what Rex has to say:

“The Terrific Tourism program has been great for my business… The workshops are great, but the biggest bonus is getting the Customer Experience Report that is part of the program. It’s more like a roadmap that lays out a pathway to follow. This makes it easy because the hard work is done.

Jurek with Rex from the Alice Springs Reptile Centre“We’ve been able to follow this step by step and used the independent in-depth report to help justify two successful grant applications that between them amounted to over $90,000. We’d have struggled to get these Grants without the Customer Experience Report.

“These 10 month Business Enterprise Centre Terrific Tourism programs are mandatory if you want to be a success. Why?

  1. Jurek and Jan have huge knowledge in understanding and influencing how customers of different types judge you.
  2. They know how to impart it in a meaningful way.
  3. They have a monstrous amount of experience from working with different but related businesses and the more they learned about businesses like mine, the more they were able to share.”

The Customer Experience Report Rex refers to is produced after conducting an on-site Customer Experience Audit. For a brief overview click on Customer Experience Audit.

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