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A discount with an emotional trigger

“Giving a discount is as old as retail itself. Unquestionably effective, hardly differentiating,” explains Martin Butler in his new book ‘The Art of Being Chosen – Secrets of success from the giants of retail’ So, I loved this discounting idea with a difference from his interview with Bijou Kurien former head of the Watch and…
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Using the Average Sale as a Motivator

Way back in the early 1990’s with her astonishingly successful Expanding the Sale program, renowned Melbourne based retail consultant Hilary Kahn first demonstrated to me the value of displaying an average sale measurement chart for the team showing: a) Average sale figure for this day/week last year. b) Budget figure for this day/week this…
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7 Mistakes Retailers Make

Are you making these mistakes in your business? I have specialised in the world of Retail Sales for over 25 years, and during that time I’ve found that many businesses suffer from these same 7 fundamental mistakes... You don’t track your average sale per customer or your conversion rate and your team have no idea…
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