Why bother to state the features if people buy on benefits?

This is Part Three in our series on ‘Spelling out the Benefits’ for your customers. You can access the earlier posts by clicking on these links:

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Why bother to state the features if people buy on benefits, not features?

Because linking the features to their respective benefits gives the features believability. A list of benefits isn’t believable. They are empty promises.  A well-linked feature gives the benefit substance.

What about the customer who says, “Just give me the facts”?

If you have an IT savvy customer asking about software solutions or an engineer asking about mechanical repairs you won’t need to spell things out in the way that would be required for a technologically challenged person like me.

A couple of well-chosen questions will let you know how much information is required and at what level to pitch your explanation.

Even so, when it comes to summarising the benefits that matter for your customer, preface them with one of the phrases listed in Selling the Benefits Part Two such as, “As you will realise this will give you the capability…”

Just because it is a benefit don’t assume the customer will be impressed. In sales language, what we call a ‘benefit’ won’t necessarily be beneficial to every customer.

Different benefits appeal to different customer types.

For example, the feature “It is made locally” may appeal to one customer because of the benefit, “… which means that when you buy from us you help provide jobs for people in the local community.”

Another customer may be far more impressed with the benefit, “… which means if it ever breaks down we have experts close by who can fix any problems and have it working for you quickly with little downtime.”

That’s why it is important to ask questions to identify what matters to the customer. Then you can focus on the benefits that strike a chord with them.

So, work on identifying at least two benefits for each feature but only spell out the benefits that matter to your customer.

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