Beechworth Baker clobbered

I’ve written about Tom O’Toole twice in recent editions of our Terrific Tips enewsletter, not because of the great work being done in his expanding group of regional bakeries, though I often share his video case studies in workshop sessions. It was his amazing fundraising trip through the centre of Australia that recently captured my attention and warmed the hearts of many.

It was a tough challenge but nothing compared to what he has been through since.

Tom feared for his life more than once a couple of months ago as doctors battled to contain a flesh-eating disease stripping his leg which all started from a small cut he got while gardening at home.

“I thought, I’m going to lose my leg, then I thought, I’m going to lose my life,” said Tom, who had to spend almost two months in hospital.

Four days after he got the scratch Tom’s health took a turn for the worse during a trip to Port Hedland in Western Australia for a motivational talk.

“I had a bit of a fever a couple of nights before,” he said. “I thought I was getting a cold; I didn’t relate it to my shin. I went to hospital on the Tuesday, but I checked back out for an hour-and-a-half so I could give my talk. On the Wednesday (in hospital) I thought I was going to die and on the Thursday I was sure I was going to die!”

You can read the full story as reported in Melbourne’s Age newspaper by clicking on just a scratch. If like me you’re squeamish, then prepare to peek through your fingers at the photos. It’s graphic!

Latest reports are that Tom is well on the road to recovery. He’s a lovely man and deserves all our best wishes.

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