Become the Mother Teresa of your industry

In a recent article international management coach Donald Cooper encourages readers to “become the Mother Teresa of their industry” by coaching customers on how to carefully choose, wisely buy and more effectively use what you sell.

He says, “A few years ago, I convinced our local butcher to ask customers if they want their roast to be rare, medium, or well done and then to write the weight, cooking temperature and cooking time right on the wrapper.  He tells me that customers love it…and it’s a personal touch that you won’t get at the big supermarkets.

“This butcher also offers free kitchen knife sharpening on Mondays and Tuesdays, when he’s not so busy. This has increased sales considerably on both those days, and it got him written up in the local paper.  How might you coach customers to be more successful with what you sell and what simple acts of kindness could you offer that will build both relationships and sales?”

Donald explains that one easy and effective way to be the ‘Caring Coach’ is to create quick tips for your customers, such as…

  1. 7 Questions to ask before choosing a renovator (or accountant, or website designer, stock broker, dentist, etc). And then, for each question, give them the answer that they should get.
  2. 10 helpful tips for buying the right photocopier for your business (or power drill, or car, or insurance policy, etc).
  3. 5 things you can do to drive safer and improve tyre wear (or reduce energy consumption, or the risk of a heart attack, etc).

He has heaps more examples which you can read by clicking on The incredible power of being the caring coach.

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